The Higher Diploma program is crafted in order to prepare students to start an exciting professional path in the culinary arts sector. This program is geared to students with the best qualifications in international cuisine and helps them to emerge out with the required skills and confidence to be successful professionals. This program intends to develop artistic and scientific culinary skills of students and to embark in a promising career as a Chef.
The objective of this comprehensive classroom and on-the-job learning is to enhance the capabilities of students to demonstrate knowledge, practical skills and competences required for successful supervisory responsibilities within the culinary arts industry. Student will be able to:

Semester 1

The first semester of this program introduces the student to the world of food production and is designed for entry-level professionals wishing to launch their career as a chef or create their own culinary concept. The course teaches fundamental concepts of basic cookery and chef instructors cover the classical principles and modern trends of culinary arts in the classroom as well as in practical sessions. The course addresses a diverse range of topics including basic knife skills, the different cooking techniques including exposure to a variety of international cuisines, basic baking courses, importance of food safety and hygiene in a commercial kitchen, sensory analysis, food photography and nutritional guidelines.

Semester 2: Internship

Guaranteed paid internship placement in the industry, which allows students to apply obtained skills & knowledge into practice. a 6-months internship is not only a mandatory part of the program but is also a great tool for students to broaden their existing expertise in the culinary field. Upon successful completion of the training, students will receive a recommendation letter and internship completion certificate from the employer which is required in order to continue second year studies of the Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts program.

Semester 3

While pursuing the third semester, students will widen their knowledge in the culinary arts field while exploring new trends in the preparation and presentation of dishes. Students will learn advanced culinary techniques and challenge themselves into new territories in order to develop their own creativity. Students will get accustomed to a new generation of cooking equipment and culinary technologies that transform the kitchen’s world, such as vacuum cooking and regeneration on the plate. On top of that, they will explore molecular cuisine. This semester will also offer complete education to bring students’ personal skills to management level by developing their own abilities to be professional chefs and great leaders.

Semester 4: Internship

Students, who have successfully passed second year’s studies, will be placed to work in one of the leading UAE restaurant brands whereas they will apply their advanced culinary and kitchen leadership skills. Given a wider exposure, second-year interns get a chance to work with the world-famous chefs at the most iconic restaurants, which allows them to boost their future careers to the whole new level. Upon successful completion of the second internship, students will not only receive prestigious Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts but will also have one year of solid working experience on their CV’s.


  • Program length: 2 Years
  • Study method: Combination of Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning
  • Student must be 18 + years old
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Fluent English
  • Genuinely passionate about the Hospitality Industry and Culinary Arts

Program intakes: November 2020, January 2021

Students with industry background or prior education in this field are treated case by case.

Note: The institute reserves the right to accept or reject a candidate for any reason. The program content is subject to change.