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Course overview

Day 1 – Yeast products:

The student will learn about the requirements for making bread, including the basics of bread making, and how to take one recipe and change it into many variations. The student will also learn about the importance of kneading and proofing and how to look at dough to see if it is ready for the final step. Products for the day will include a basic white bread, brioche, bread rolls and a Focaccia.

Day 2 – Cakes and Cookies:

The student will learn about the different classifications of cookies, different types of preparation methods, how to make cake sheets and a standard 8 inch cake. The student will prepare a variety of cakes and cookies.

Day 3 - Desserts:

The student will learn about custard based desserts, frozen desserts and gelatin desserts including how to make different types of puddings. The student will understand the basic of plating any type of dessert.

Who is it for:

This course is suitable for anyone that wants to learn about the basics of pastry and baking. This course is also suitable for junior chefs that need to increase their knowledge in basic desserts and bread making.


Recipe book with a few basic recipes including your own creations of the day.