The Program is designed for aspirants of Future Culinary Enthusiast who wants to develop their skills and outperform in the industry.


The Program is delivered through face to face classroom lecture delivery and practical training in the food production facility led by experienced chefs and trainers.

Guest Lecturers are invited to give learners a better understanding of the industry requirements. The students will take part in entrepreneur projects where they are given the opportunity to explore, plan and design a restaurant or pastry shop with all facilities needed.


The Program is constructed with overall ten modules of which one is a specialization module that provides a student the option to choose between International Bakery and Pastry arts and Middle Eastern Bakery and Pastry arts.


  • Beverage Management
  • Swiss Chocolate Arts​
  • Sugar Crafting
  • Strategic Management in Hospitality
  • Creating “Lean Culture” in Food System and Supply Chain
  • Kitchen Leadership Skills and Industries 4.0
  • Food styling and Food Photography
  • Healthy Food for the Future
  • Nitrogen Cooking
International Bakery and PastryArabic Bakery and Pastry
European DessertsArabic Sweets
Breads and PastriesArabic Breads


The Program is led by qualified Chefs and Trainers with a wide range of experience in the culinary industry. The Culinary instructors are from different nationalities and specialize in varieties of gastronomy which brings an international experience to the culinary training.



  • Program Registration
  • Student Visa & Health Insurance
  • Tuition
  • 6-month Accommodation
  • Orientation Day & Dubai Tour
  • Basic Chef Uniform & Knives Set

Each module has its mode of assessment.

The written examinations, real demonstrations and practical assessments will be conducted throughout the duration of the course.

Successful Candidate in both academic study and internship will be awarded with Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts by HTMi Switzerland Dubai with specialization either in European Bakery and Pastry or Middle Eastern Bakery and Pastry Arts.

Student may further pursue his Masters/ MSc. in Switzerland.

Graduation requirements: 60%

Duration of program: 20 weeks Academic Study and 20 – 24 weeks Internship

Bachelor’s Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in hospitality, culinary or any related discipline or have professional kitchen experience of at least two years.

Age requirements: 20 Years old and above

Language proficiency: Required English level by interview / HTMi test or have TOEFL 400 or IELTS 5 or equivalent HTMi English Placement Test Score.