Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for prospective students

We will continue to update this page with guidance for you if you have already applied or are thinking of applying to HTMi Switzerland Dubai.

Last time updated: 23rd April 2020

While the world is going through challenging times, it is important to be aware of the latest updates on enrollment and student process. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the enrollment process has changed but not stopped and we are looking forward to our August 2020 intake.

We understand that there are a lot of questions occurred during this uncertain period therefore the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) listed below:

Yes, our August 2020 intake is taking place and the registration is open. You can apply here.

Our starting date for Summer intake is given based on the constant monitoring of updates on the anti-pandemic measures. With a positive forecast given by reliable UAE news sources, we expect that the travel ban will be lifted before month of August and we will be able to start the semester as planned. In case of any changes we will update you accordingly.

On-campus activities are currently placed on hold in compliance with the regulations from UAE Government Authorities: However, it does not mean you can’t get in touch with us. Contact us and we will arrange a virtual face-to-face interview with one of our admission team’s representatives in order to answer all your questions!

It is difficult to predict what restrictions there may be and the situation is changing quickly. For the latest guidance we would advise you to check your own country’s government advice.

We recommend that you contact your school, college or university in your home country for further information on how this may impact your studies.

Where possible we will extend deadlines for the receipt of transcripts and other documents. As the extent of the disruption becomes clearer, we will be in a better position to update you on our policy.

We recognise that most students will have experienced disruption to teaching, coursework and examinations and we treat each application on case-to-case basis. After reviewing your application along with the supporting documents, we will be in a better position to update you on this matter.

We can initiate the enrolment process if you provide a copy of your interim transcript showing your marks to date. However, you will need a validated proof of completion in order to obtain UAE student visa. This means, that you can sign up prior to graduating from your school/university, but you will have to get your certification once you come to Dubai.

Although we remain optimistic that the travel ban will soon be lifted, we are ready for pandemic to take longer than expected. Our Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management and Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts programs have a semi-online options giving you an opportunity to complete all essential theory remotely before coming to Dubai to do your practical part. Learn more about part-time options:

Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management (4 months online + 2 months on-campus)

Higher Diploma in International Culinary Arts (2 months online + 4 months on-campus)

UAE was among first countries to ban inbound and outbound travelling and to launch work-from-home initiative as well as execute a complete disinfection drive across entire the country. With a very low number of cases – around 8,000 (effective on 23rd April 2020),- UAE is ranked #6 by the number of COVID-19 medical tests (over 790,000) losing only to USA (4+ million cases), Russia (60,000+), Germany (150,000+), Spain (200,000+) and Italy (185,000+). This allowed UAE to be among the countries that are estimated to recover first after lifting travel restrictions and to become one of the safest destinations to study and work.

Yes, despite the current decline on the travel market, it has been estimated that year 2021 will witness a dramatic growth in global tourism industry due to the lift of travel bans and because of all major events (including Expo 2020) being moved to this year. This is a perfect moment to get hospitality education and to be ready for plenty of opportunities next year.