HTMi Switzerland Dubai is proud to have successfully completed our very first Open Day event of the year.

Our doors were opened to students and staff from GEMS Winchester School, Jebel Ali.

The students which were from grades 11 – 13 were involved in fun activities including; testing their culinary expertise in building tasty and aesthetic sandwiches from the scratch and setting up from memory, a 5-star dining table.

Giving the students advice on the possible career paths available within the hospitality industry, our Operations Manager, Nikolai Kiriakov gave a speech on the importance of the hospitality industry and the advantages of having a career in hospitality.

Our Academic Director, Dr. Amit Verma gave the closing speech of the day, congratulating the students on completing the activities prepared, praising their willingness to learn and encouraging the students to choose a career path they are passionate about in the future.

The students were presented with awards during the closing ceremony for their teamwork, creativeness, speed, and accuracy during the planned activities of the day.

Special thanks to the staff and students of GEMS Winchester School Jebel Ali, for honoring our invitation.

The staff and students of HTMi Switzerland Dubai had a great time planning this occasion, and we look forward to many more events as such in the future.