The ultimate goal of the tourism leader? Being the one who is always in the know. And with the modern traveller’s insatiable appetite to consistently experience ‘the next best thing’, tapping into the latest must-try, must-stay or must-see travel trend is vital to the success of the hospitality hotshot.

HTMi Switzerland Dubai listed the Top 5 Travel and Tourism Trends you need to know in 2019


Millennials have made a giant impact upon the global travel market and they are said to be opting for careers or study where travel is more likely. People want more out of their careers; their work needs to provide more than an income. In addition, those studying degrees or diplomas in hospitality, culinary, event and tourism management are aiming towards careers that provide limitless options for travel to all corners of the world.

As the world works harder to save its resources, many industries are finding opportunities to create sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to conduct their business. The latest upgrade in hotel sustainability is the seamless and reliable technology creating paperless check-in experiences. Promoted within online industry network sites, there are obvious benefits for both the environment and business efficiency.


Rather than enjoying city break bar crawls, travellers are opting to look after their bodies with gym crawls. Hotels, cruise ships and even corporate businesses are investing in projects to expand their ability to provide health and wellbeing experiences.


Whether it’s an international holiday with close friends or a romantic getaway for two, travellers are seeking intimate, exclusive and private travel experiences. Hotels and other hospitality providers are adapting to offering a balance of local atmosphere combined with unique experiences tailored to guests’ interests. As such, the market has seen an increased number of separate spaces or services available to hire or book.


Consumers are turning to simple, wholesome and regional food services in 2019. Seeking local experiences to keep the “experiencers” in business, travellers want to support small and independent restaurants, markets and food stores, choosing to dine out in non-celebrity chef-owned restaurants and experience home-cooked, local dishes.