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Located in the heart of Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road, HTMi Switzerland Dubai is situated within a five-star hotel environment, at H Hotel. HTMi Switzerland Dubai’s vision is to be the leading hospitality & tourism management institute in the Middle East, providing Swiss qualifications to its graduates. HTMi Switzerland Dubai offers certificate and diploma programs in hotel & tourism management, culinary arts and restaurant management and prepares its students for management careers in the global hospitality industry through high-quality education, workshops and training. HTMi Switzerland Dubai is the Middle East sister campus of HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland. HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland is the leading hotel and tourism management institute in the world, ranked 14th in the 2018 QS World University rankings for hospitality and leisure, top 5 in Switzerland and number 1 in the Canton of Luzern.

Our student mission is “Come as a Student, become a Manager”


HTMi Dubai campus boasts contemporary new facilities and cutting-edge programs for both Emirati and International students. Offering Swiss certified diploma programs with international pathway to HTMi Switzerland, our students can truly experience the international hospitality & tourism education.

The two-year Diploma program is designed to build students’ leadership skills through customer centric approach and operations management initiatives. This program combines theoretical (50%) and practical (50%) courses in class learning and practical learning through industry internships. These skills are key to start a promising career in the hospitality industry. This program is ideal for students with passion to become future leaders in the areas of hotel management, hospitality asset management, tourism and airlines industry.

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The 20-months Diploma program is crafted in order to prepare students for career in culinary arts. The program encompasses a combination of theoretical (40%) studies and practical training (60%). The practical training is related to basic cooking techniques and advanced cuisine to managing a kitchen brigade. The theoretical learning focuses on food science, resource and budget planning in order to run successful kitchen operations. The program intends to develop artistic and scientific culinary skills of students to start a promising career as a Chef. This program is ideal for students who are passionate about cooking and food science and aiming to work in the future as chef, restaurant concept developer, food blogger or celebrity chef.

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This 3-month program dedicated only to UAE national students. The purpose of the program is to provide students with the needed knowledge, skills, and competences in order to start successfully a hospitality career. This program aims to help Emirati students to find excellent prospects in hospitality, tourism, and service industries and to contribute to the achievement of UAE and Dubai vision of making these sectors amongst the most prosperous in the country. This program is delivered by highly qualified faculty members combining academic and international hospitality professional experience relevant to the courses they are teaching.

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This 6-week program is developed in order to maximize students’ chances to be recruited by international airline companies and to pass their training programs. Cabin Crew pre-training program is developed by highly skilled trainers who have worked for prestigious airlines brands in the Middle East and beyond. The program is composed of two course modules. The first module focuses on shaping the student behavior and attitude to acquire the relevant skills enabling him/her to deal with customers from different cultures and ethnicities. The second module is composed of courses related to technical knowledge and skills needed to deliver in-flight services. Students will become familiar with cabin crew responsibilities and working environment.

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This course will train candidates to confidently use systems and procedures involved in the four stages of the guest cycle (pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy and departure) while demonstrating effective communication skills in dealing with the guest issues and resolving complaints. The candidate will also learn how to collect guest feedback and gather valuable information to enhance the guest experience. This program is recommended to candidates who are passionate about interacting with guests, comfortable with handling complaints and enjoying teamwork. The course can be taken as part-time (3 months) or full-time (1 month) study.

This course will train candidates to master the knowledge of housekeeping operations. Students will be able to demonstrate practical application to clean and service rooms, using appropriate cleaning agents, equipment, resources and methods. Candidates will also be able to identify the range of control procedures within the housekeeping department and the role within the overall control of rooms division. This program is recommended to candidates who are passionate about supervising teams, cleanliness, happy customers and teamwork. The course can be taken as part-time (3 months) or full-time (1 month) study.

This course will train candidates to be able to provide food and beverage service and customer care in a professional, safe and hygienic manner. Candidates will learn how to use POS (Point of Sale) machine and how to use a proper chain of communication between service and kitchen. Candidates will also practice up-selling techniques in order to increase hotel revenue. This program is recommended to candidates who are passionate about interacting with guests, teamwork and customer happiness. The course can be taken as part-time (3 months) or full-time (1 month) study.

Events and conventions management is one of the fastest growing segments of hospitality, an area that integrates multi-disciplinary challenges, and involves several areas of hospitality expertise. The course serves as a comprehensive overview of the (MICE) Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions industry. This course provides theoretical and practical learning approach to manage and plan large meetings, incentives, conferences, and conventions in the hospitality and events industry.

This course is designed to equip participants with needed skills to guide them in their endeavor to elevate the organization’s customer-centricity. Participants learn tools and processes to bring the organisation closer to its customers including understanding, auditing, designing and executing the various dimensions of customer value, customer touchpoints, and mapping all facets of the customer journey. Participant will be able to plan, design and implement customer experience insight, channel management and delivery strategies.

Exceptional customer service performance is an important asset to build customer loyalty. This course covers a variety of activities involved in the management of customers relations. Participants will be able to recognize the importance of communication skills when dealing with different customer behaviors, apply strategies to solve customers’ problems, and handle difficult customers. This highly interactive course, will enable participants to reflect on their approach of interacting with customer through the implementation of adequate methods, technology, services strategy and leadership skills.

Many Youtube, Instagram or Facebook account holders now have larger audiences than traditional advertisement channels. In this context, working with social media influencers is huge opportunity to reach an extensive potential customer. This course allows participants to assess the impact of social media on hospitality businesses as well as the opportunities they offer. Participants will be able to design messages and campaigns that are effective through this channel. Using practical tools, participant will learn how to identify the relevant influencers, interact with them, and manage influencers marketing efforts in order to promote products and services and ultimately enhance visibility and generate revenue streams.

The primary goal of revenue management has been succinctly described as “selling the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price”. Many hospitality businesses are practicing some sort of revenue management and there is a need of qualified personnel to assist hotels with their revenue management endeavors. The purpose of this course is to help participant learn how to effectively implement commonly used revenue management approaches and techniques for effective hotel and restaurant businesses revenue maximization and optimization management.

Leadership and teamwork skills of managers in the hospitality industry are key for successful businesses. This course enhances the leadership skills of participants through tackling topics such as recruitment, selection, and training, effective communication, conflict management. This course offers a high-impact learning experience that helps participants understand how effective teams operate and how individual team members contribute to the development of a high-performance team. This course allows participants to create a professional development plan for their hospitality career and set the direction for their future educational and professional endeavors

This course focuses on developing the participants personal image and branding which are necessary for the success of the company and the individual. This course provides participants with tools and skills to project positive personal and company brand.  It prepares participant to interact confidently and effectively with very different stakeholders, including in formal and structured situations as well as written and face-to-face communication. The course covers topics from business dining etiquette, grooming for special occasions, to networking etiquette.

Team building events do not only boost morale of employees, but they can also increase the success of a business. Team building activities are essential for the betterment of team relations and collaboration which are the most important asset of an organizations. The team building workshop is composed of customized activities rooted in the hospitality in order to develop team synergies through shared tasks, collective beliefs, valued behaviors, and common goals through entertaining activities.

Several cooking classes are available for participant passionate of culinary arts or willing to improve their skills in a specific specialty. Participant can select courses from a wide range of offerings e.g. macaron, cupcakes, chocolate, sushi making, various cuisines (Arabic, Asian, Italian, French, Mexican, Art de la table)

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